Lapplandsportens Camping

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Lapplandsportens Camping
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Lapplandsportens Camping, S, Lycksele, Suécia Umeälven Västerbotten
Average price: More then 200 Krona
Capacity for MotorHomes: +25 Places
Roof: Uncovered (Outdoor)
Exclusive to MotorHomes: No
Floor of: Grass
Secluded: No
Security: Very Good
Latitude: 64.521574 - Longitude: 18.822155
 GRAUS:  64 º 31' 17.666"     -      18 º 49' 19.757"
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Shared by: Cristina Novais
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Lapplandsportens Camping
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  Allows Overnight (Day and Night)
  Wastewater discharge
  Black water discharge
  Waste Disposal
  Water supply
  Animals accepted


  River Beach

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  Water sports
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